9/30/17 – Brewing Home: The Art of Hemalatha Venkataraman


The debut art exhibition of the work of Hemalatha Venkataraman, “Brewing Home” is an investigation of what it takes to make a home in a foreign land, as well as an interrogation of the spaces within the lands we thought we knew. Hailing from Madras, India and navigating the many paths that Columbus has to offer as a rapidly developing city struggling with culture canon, Hemalatha strikes at the question of what makes a city a city and the people who inhabit it through hours of on-site plein air work and in a variety of mediums.

Highlighting stunning architectural renderings of various institutions alongside dozens of miniature pieces, Brewing Home is both a warm and hopeful study of the world we all access, as well as a journey into the interior and personal world every transplant carries with them.

Some original work and prints will be for sale.
A presentation of Streetlight Guild.

Saturday, September 30 at 7 PM – 9 PM
@ Art of Republic
34 West 5th. Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43201
Admission: Free


11/7/17 – GentriFried: A Culinary Reclamation

GentrFried is a one-day art exhibit featuring food-based sculpture as a means to interrogate the issue of gentrification.
Exhibit opens @ Art of Republic, Columbus OH
Details forthcoming.
This show is currently open for artist auditions. Click on the Artist Calls page for info.

12/9/17 – Wrecka Playa: Album Art in 20 Years

Wrecka Playa is a visual art exhibit featuring album cover art as realized by artists for music 20 years in the future. What will Kanye West be putting out in 20 years? What will Beyonce’s track list consist of after her three kids go to college? What will the cover for Adele’s “49” look like? What if Prince hadn’t died and had another 20 years of albums to show for it? Wrecka Playa investigates not only what kind of art would go with the music of 20 years from now, but what statements such music – and its album art – might make on the society of 2037.

WRECKA PLAYA: Album Art in 20 Years

Exhibit opens December 9, 2017 @ Second Sight Project, Columbus OH.
735 Sullivant Ave, Columbus, OH 43222