The Culture

This is the “preserve” part of what SLG does. Our goal isn’t just to put on dope shows, but to drive culture and create canon. Who gets to decide what’s important? Who gets to go into the history books? Who really represents the cultural values of Columbus art? Here at SLG, we lay the foundation to begin answering those questions.

Black Art in Columbus: A Keynote Speech (Scott Woods)
Ending the Debate on Art Scenes
 (Scott Woods) – Does your city have an art scene?

The New Black Eastside Songbook – Song, “Olde Town Beast” (Counterfeit Madison)
The New Black Eastside Songbook – Song/lyrics for “Rahsaan Rollin’ In The Dirt” (Jordan Sandidge)
The New Black Eastside Songbook – Lyrics for “Things To Do In Black Columbus” (Paisha Thomas)
Wrecka Playa – Regalty liner notes (Scott Woods, art by David Michael)