12/9/17 – Wrecka Playa: Album Art in 20 Years

Wrecka Playa is a visual art exhibit featuring album cover art as realized by artists for music 20 years in the future. What will Kanye West be putting out in 20 years? What will Beyonce’s track list consist of after her three kids go to college? What will the cover for Adele’s “49” look like? What if Prince hadn’t died and had another 20 years of albums to show for it? Wrecka Playa investigates not only what kind of art would go with the music of 20 years from now, but what statements such music – and its album art – might make on the society of 2037.

WRECKA PLAYA: Album Art in 20 Years

Exhibit opens December 9, 2017 @ Second Sight Project, Columbus OH.
735 Sullivant Ave, Columbus, OH 43222

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